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After you file

Filed 1/12

accepted 1/14

married joint, 2 dep, CTC no EIC or ACTC

TT estimated DDD 2/4

As of today 2/2 under husbands SS# still showing the weird page like it hasn't even been received, under my SS# it shows received and one bar....

TT still showing estimated DDD of 2/4 but I don't see that happening.


Someone else told me they were having the same issues as me, they pulled transcripts and could see where they are set for DDD of 2/6 but on the WMR sight and app its still showing the weird page on one SS and the one bar on the other SS. I tried that and the IRS said they couldn't verify my Cell#/Acct so I would need to wait for it to come in the mail. 10 Days, at this rate it might come before my return!!