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After you file

It is insane!  My CA State taxes were received on 02/07/19.   Luckily I checked my on-line account with ftb which had a letter waiting for me from 03/12/19 to validate my identity.  I faxed and emailed everything that was requested AND now its going to take another 9 weeks???  Ridiculous!  I feel like if our return was 'selected' for this validation after already waiting for over a month for processing, then it should be addressed as soon as the info is received!  My son submitted his taxes two weeks ago and already has his return!  So is it taking so long because they are busy processing all the returns that came in so far after we submitted ours?  This is a messed up process and makes no sense.  How in the world should it take 9 additional weeks to review something that apparently we were randomly selected for?  I guess being prudent and getting our return in early just gets us penalized by being one of the last ones to receive our money.  If we are lucky, I guess a return submitted on Feb 7th should get to us around May or June???   Wow....brilliant minds at work.  

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