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After you file

Ok got it. I now withdrew the 2019 excess contribution into 2021 hsa account and since I did not have enough room in my 2021 limit (since the balance was $1k or so), I had to send some 2019 excess HSA contributions to my checking account. One important thing to note is that these 2019 excess contributions I deposited not with an employer but with after-tax money with my checking account on July 2020. I did not get a 2019 form 5329. Also I I did not go back and define this in my 2019 taxes (technically I did not have an HSA account during the time as I was not eligible until June 2021)


After the withdrawals, I am in good standing on all years HSA accounts. Now, my question is: How do I report this with my taxes? Especially the 1k I had to withdrawal into my checking account. Do I pay the fees in this scenario?