I have been told that I have to declare the stimul...
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I have been told that I have to declare the stimulus checks I received on my tax return. How does Turbo Tax handle this and will it affect my refund?

I have read stories that some tax preparation programs ask if you have received a stimulus check and if you reply yes, your refund is reduced by the amount of the checks received. This is wrong and I need to know before I start how Turbo Tax handles this question.
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After you file

This is incorrect. The program merely gives you a chance to claim your stimulus if you have not already gotten it. Yes, if you say you have not gotten it when your really did, it will add it to your refund. If you then realize you made a mistake and did get it and remove the amount, it will look like your refund went down.


It would be the same situation if you entered your withholding twice and get an exaggerated refund, realized your error, and corrected the amount.



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After you file

 Turbo Tax starts out by assuming you didn't get any Stimulus payments so it gives you credit for the full amount.  Then near the end you enter how much you actually got so it only gives you the difference if any.  You don't get it twice.

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