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Should I e-file my 2019 amended return or keep waiting? I filed by mail just over 6 months ago and it still doesn't show up in the "Where's my amended return" system.

A few days ago I called and spoke with an IRS agent who told me they are still WAY behind on this sort of thing.  I have nearly $1000 refund coming which I indicated to carryover to my 2020 return.   If I claim that overpayment on my 2020 return and they haven't processed my 2019 amended return yet, how's that going to work?
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After you file

E-filing for tax year 2019 has already closed. You have done your part by mailing in your amended return. Now you would just wait until it has been processed. If the IRS hasn't processed your 2019 amended return by the time your tax return for 2020 is processed, the carryover will likely not be factored in (as the IRS will not have record of it). 


If it is not included, you can file an amendment  for your 2020 taxes after your submitted return has been processed by the IRS. See this FAQ on How to amend a return.

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