Level 15

After you file

IF it has been accepted, save a new copy of your tax file as a PDF , and look at the appropriate "Electronic Filing Instructions...." sheet.  The Debit information account #, routing number, and dates are on those sheets.  Check those numbers ...If those sheets don't show that a debit has been entered, then they won't happen and you have to pay separately...Examples shown below:


If you have already filed the return  or the filing status is Ready to Mail  .....

·         The PDF for prior year tax returns (2017 thru 2014) on the Tax Home page includes all the worksheets that were used to complete the tax return along with all the required forms and schedules.

·         The PDF for tax year 2018 on the Tax Home page will only include the forms and schedules that were sent to the tax authorities, IRS or State.

·         To obtain a PDF for tax year 2018 that will include all the worksheets you will need to download the PDF from Print Center.

·         To access your current year online tax returns sign onto the TurboTax website with the userID you used to create the account -

·         Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and Click on Add a state

·         Click on Tax Tools on the left side of the online program screen.  Then click on Print Center.  Then click on Print, save or preview this year's return.  Choose the option Include government and TurboTax worksheets