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Filed last year and many previous years using CD. bought a new computer that does not have CD reader. Having difficulty downloading the program and having it read last year's file to fill in data rather than key in. What do I do?

I'm not sure why you chose this unrelated thread topic which was about trying find a 2015 return.  Normally people should start their own new thread, especially when it concerns such a different topic.   Fewer potential helpers are likely to see your issue in an old unrelated thread.


First of all, what kind of computer OS are you using--Windows or Mac?


"Having difficulty downloading the program" is too vague and doesn't tell me anything to go on.    What/where is the roadblock when you try to download the installation file?   However, since you also mentioned difficulty in "having it read last year's file", it sounds like you did  install the program, so I'm not sure what "having difficulty downloading" means.   So please clarify if you got the installation file downloaded or not, and if so, did you install and activate the software?


And if you did download the installation file and install the program, and activated the license, then what/where is the roadblock when you try to transfer the 2019 data file?    Do you have the *.tax2019 data file from last year on your new computer?   If so, and if you're using the Windows version, when you start your new 2020 return, does the program search and find the *.tax2019 data file and ask you if you want to transfer it in?

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