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After you file

@Llaneyy7  wrote:

I filed as a non filer with Turbo Tax and it was free so there were no fees.  I have not received ANY emails from Turbo Tax as others have. I also have no updates on my tax transcript since August and the Get My Payment says info not available,  it has not updated or you will not be getting a check.

None of my information,  including bank account and income has changed. I got the 1st stimulus through direct deposit.  

I thought being a nonfiler meant I was eligible?  I would appreciate some insight, none of the links or websites answer my question. Also, since I'm a nonfiler how am I supposed to get the recovery Rebate credit if I dont file taxes?

Thank you.  

I don't understand your situation.  If the IRS paid round 1 directly into your bank after you did the non-filer form, they should have put round 2 in the same place.  I'm sorry I can't tell you most but all we have to go on is the IRS "get my payment" web site.


You can file a tax return even if you are not required to.  If you don't have any taxable income at all, you will need to enter $1 of bank interest, since you can't e-file with zero income.  The IRS knows about the $1 trick and has never objected before, it won't cost you any taxes.  You would claim the stimulus on form 1040 line 30 and get the credit deposited to your account as a tax refund. 

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