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@Murasame851 wrote:

Hi, i just had a quick question about the stimulus check, i had my bank account i used for 2019 taxes closed last year and could not update the information at the IRS. Will i still get a Stimulus check in the mail or will i have to claim it on my tax return for 2020?

First you have to check the IRS payment site.



It might say a payment was issued, a check was mailed, or "information not available."


If you did not use refund transfer, the deposit from the IRS will probably bounce off the closed account.  The IRS won't have time to mail a check before the January 15 deadline so you will have to request the credit on your return.


If you did use refund transfer, then the deposit will probably bounce when SBTPG tries to send it to your closed account, and you will again have to request a credit on your tax return. 

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