Level 2

After you file

EDIT: They closed the extension because of so many calls. When i find another, i will post.


EDIT 2: Still no luck finding a new extension. My card has been unlocked but now I'm missing 1400. Had to put in a report, waiting to see WTH happens with that.


Google "GreenDot 4611" and youll find a number listed that ends with those numbers (i can't post it here because it will just get deleted). Press 1 and then extension 2677 that will direct you to a LIVE PERSON. My card worked flawlessly until last night as well, for those saying "WeLl My CaRd WoRkEd ThE wHoLe TiMe". I just sent in my info and also contacted PUA to make sure I'm set there and now just have to wait for all of it to process and I'm all set.