Level 4

After you file

You can check to see if you set up your tax payments to come out of your account by reviewing your TurboTax Electronic Filing Instructions Page.  If you did not print the instruction sheet, please follow these steps to print or view it.  The banking and withdrawal information can also be printed/viewed on your Federal Information Worksheet Part V, and the State Information Worksheet, Part VI.

Follow these steps to view/print your instruction page:

  • Sign back into your TurboTax online account 
  • Scroll down and click "Add a State"  (This is just a way to get you back into your tax return)
  • Next select "Tax Tools" (left column) and then "Print Center"
  • Select "Print, save, or preview this year's return"
  • Check the boxes for your Federal and State returns (this will open further options)
  • Choose to include the government and TurboTax worksheets 
  • Then click "View or Print Forms".

Please comment below if this answer did not help you find the information you are trying to verify so I can assist you further.