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I need help! I filled my 2018 taxes with turbo tax but i was married and filled with him. I am divorced now and cant access my 2018 tax return information on the website?

needing 2018 tax return information, but ex husband wont give me information!
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After you file

whose a/c?  if it's his TT will not grant you access.  you need to get the info from your ex to access the a/c.   

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After you file

If you got divorced you should not transfer from the 2018 Joint return.  You will need the joint AGI to efile 2019.


Some info........

If you used Turbo Tax last year you should start a brand new account for yourself and not transfer from last year.  You can not remove a spouse or switch the order of names.


Online is only good for 1 return.  But you can use the same email address for 5 accounts.   How to start another return in the Online version


Divorced FAQ


Start a new account. Removing a spouse is not recommended


Getting Divorced article


Video tips for Divorced couples


And see what AGI to use