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I am unable to reach Turbo Tax by phone or online.  You say you do not have my e mail address yet you filed two returns for me (one for my daughter and myself).  There is a difference in what the IRS deposited into my checking account and what Turbo Tax said I would get.  It was easier contacting the OFFSET DEBT department of the Treasury than you people.  According to them, I DO NOT HAVE AN OFFSET DEBT. Therefore, Turbo Tax charged me for extra fees and did not inform me.  If it was the IRS who erred they would have sent me a letter of explanation.  I purchased a disc at Office Depot which was unusable.  I got through to Turbo Tax and the tech converted to an online version.  My refund was deposited 3/16/2020.  The difference is $50.00.  Sounds like an additional fee from Turbo Tax.  If you say it is not, then have someone contact me at my e mail address of

[email address removed] or call me at [phone number removed] (cell) or land phone [phone number removed] if you want me to

return as a customer next year.

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