Level 15

After you file

This has been my point the entire time .... it depends on what method you used ...


Method 1 ... the tax refund went from the IRS directly to the card just like a paycheck would. Debit cards can get direct deposits and reloads. (your card's DD info is on your return)


Method 2 ... you had the refund sent to a third party processing bank so you can have the TT fees paid and the balance sent to the card.   When you choose this option a TEMPORARY (one time use) account number is issued for this purpose only  (this temp account  number is  on your return and NOT the debit card info) and this temp account is automatically closed once it performs the task it was meant for.   This is the situation that is under consideration ... will/can  the temp account the IRS has on file be reactivated in time for the stimulus check? 


The IRS has posted they are working on a way for taxpayers to update DD info ... if this will work is still TBD.


Answers to this and other processing bank questions is still TBD.