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After you file

What the hell are you doing? You want third-party to have full access to your tax refund? Big Big mistake... I would rather have the money in my hands, then buy myself an empty credit card to load some of my tax refund into... This is just bad... Right now, you have no idea where your money is and when and if you are ever going to see that money deposited into your credit card... Don't ever never do this. Always with anything that involves MONEY, if you have the option of direct depositing the money into your bank account, then do it. TurboTax always asked me if I wanted my tax refund in their Credit Card and I always declined. Nothing against TurboTax by the way... I love TurboTax Service, but it is just me. When it comes to money, I would rather do most or all of the dealings than give someone total access to my money and then expect it to be there for you when you need it. lol... I have very little trust when it comes MONEY...lol... I hope you get all of your money in your credit card soon... bye,

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