Re: 2020 Path Act: Post your updates here, please.
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After you file

It's sad that bc one person files a fraudulent return thinks everyone is like them, just bc u aren't getting urs doesnt mean the rest of us aren't. I can read and it's quite a coincidence that transcripts updated last night to DDD of 4/1 and 4/13 to most people who have sat here on holds........I'm sure there are a few that are exceptions to the rule but for most of us....we finally get our refund.....sorry u are the one with the problem not mem and funny that my rainbows and cupcakes did update like most everyone else so wth may as well add sprinkles too......sorry  it u probably should file a legit return next year and you could have a date too...... (my apologies to anyone who did file legit but had something screwed up to the point it's still a problem and may truly be stuck at no fault of your own. I mean no disrespect to you only to people who want people to sit home and cry bc ir they cant ne happy no one can)

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