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After you file

Actually, since the medical expenses for insurance etc are a lump sum; looking at Sch A was of no value.  I had to have a session with on-line Chat and an expert.  it was quite lengthy and he was not getting the correct assistance from the Agent working with him.  

He finally figured it out, in the left nav bar choose the home screen and then choose "Add State".  That is not really what you are doing but that is the ONLY way to see your itemized entries if you have already filed your return.  Then, you choose your deductions and credits at the top of the page and it takes you to the interview screen where you can see what you entered.  

The end result - the person who helped me answered my question and we found what was needed took quite a long time and the need to look for line item deductions and credits should not be that difficult once you have filed your return.  Ultimately, I needed to file an Amended Return which is what I completed this morning after I was able to view the amount entered - it was incorrect.  

IF TurboTax had a pdf or other viewable data entry document for the tax filer, that would be of tremendous benefit.  It would save a LOT of time and aggravation on the part of the tax filer and the individual trying to assist.

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