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After you file

I filed my taxes on 02/05/2019 and they was accepted on the same day 02/05/2019. Tubotax showed my blue bar as half way filled. I checked an update on “where is my refund” I get message “a refund date will be provided when available“ no three step bar as everyone speaks of on the IRS website.

I claimed EIC. I’ve never had issues with my taxes. Second time using TurboTax. However, my state and federal on TurboTax both say accepted but I have received my state return on 02/25/2019 direct deposit but nothing with my federal just the same message. On TurboTax both still say accepted but now today the progress blue line is complete all the way across.

I’m confused on this whole thing and have no clue when to expect my federal return even though it’s been 21 days since filing and accepted.