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After you file

@Jnabors wrote:

Why hasn't my money been applied to my bank yet ? The "where's my refund status?" Stated that on 2/26/20 it was sent to my bank. It's March 2nd and my balance shows 0.00 and has no pending deposit! I see other people are experiencing this problem. Why are funds not showing up into accounts? What can I do to get my funds!?

Did you have any TurboTax fees that you chose to pay out of the Federal refund?  If so, the funds go first from the IRS to a temporary account at an intermediary bank where the fees are subtracted.   Then that intermediary bank sends the rest of the funds on to your bank (or card.)   If you used that method to pay fees, and if the IRS has actually released the funds, we can tell you how to check on the funds at the level of the intermediary company (SBTPG) where you can log in to check on it or use their automated phone system.   If you did not use that method to pay fees, then this paragraph won't apply to you.