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After you file

@ chandanave8615 wrote:

I filled my taxes on turbo tax on 2-5-2020 and on 2-23-2020 Where is my refund? said that I would receive my fund into my bank before 2-26-2020. I checked yesterday on Santa Barbara Bank taxpayer login and it said they have received my return. I checked it this morning 2-26-2020 and said that they have sent out my deposit to my bank, I called my bank and checked my banking online and my account still says 0.  My bank does not hold pending deposits once they receive money it goes directly into the account. So Im confused. Why would they send out my return to my bank but my bank has not received it yet. Also I checked my acct and routing number and it is correct.  So now what do I do?

While SBTPG's bank may have scheduled the refund to be sent today, it's not as common to receive an electronic deposit via ACH (Automated Clearing House) on the same day it was initiated from another bank.   It's not immediate like a wire transfer.   While it's possible to receive an ACH deposit the same day, depending on various bank times, an ACH transfer more often takes at least a day, sometimes longer.