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After you file

Just make sure that you are letting the TurboTax system know that you are on active military duty and that you are inputting your state of legal residency (SLR) as your resident state. Your SLR is usually your home of record – the state recorded by the military as your home when you joined the military (regardless of where you are stationed).

For example if your SLR is TX but you are stationed in CA, then you will use TX as your resident state in TurboTax for the entire year.

If necessary , you may need to edit your personal information under the Personal Info tab (for TurboTax Online sign-in, click Here) to let the TurboTax system know that you are in the U.S. Armed Forces.

You will need to make sure that you select yes -"I am a member or former member of the U.S. Armed Forces (active, reserve or National Guard)".

Also answer "no" to "I lived in another state" (screenshot). Even though you may have lived in a different state, this will not apply if you are on active military service in a state other than your home of record state.

Additionally, if you earned any income outside your military pay in a state that is not your state of record, you will need to file a nonresident state income tax return to recognize this nonmilitary income. Otherwise you will only have a resident state income tax return for your home of record, the state where you lived when you joined the military.

Thank you for protecting our country.

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