Level 2

After you file



I know a lot of people keep saying 570 code means nothing but it does ALOT of the time with us last year it meant they wanted to verify income. Call a tax advocate they will get it pushed through. If you wait for the IRS they will tell you they don’t see anything or they don’t know what it means yet or blah blah blah and drag it out and tell you to wait for a letter. If you use a tax advocate you can probably get it resolved within a week or two. Last year we got ours resolved and money deposited by the March 11th I believe.  But if we had waited for the IRS it could of been another 60 days. Many will IRS employees will tell you 570 means nothing this is because 570 is broad and could mean many things so there blanket response often is wait for the letter you receive it will tell you so that they can move on to the next call. The first year we filed our taxes together we dealt with this also we had no idea what to do and waited for the IRS letters even went to an IRS office once and still couldn’t get it resolved. It wasn’t until I got a tax advocate were we able to resolve it. It took them like literally 3 days to take care of it. But at that point it was May. We didn’t get it until MAY. I was so glad I knew what to do last year to resolve it quickly when I realized it had happened again.
Do not count on IRS employees to tell you what you need to know. Take it from someone who’s dealt with being flagged twice.  Good luck to you all!