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After you file

@higs26 wrote:

i have talked to the IRS they sent my return on 02-12-2020 to Turbo Tax- i keep getting a running around about where it is.  one the says that my ss number is no good, but other depts take it no problem.  i would like to talk to someone - no a computer doing the run around

This is mainly a user community forum--not a direct route to TurboTax Support--but we may be able to suggest some things to check.  But first, more information is needed.   You said the IRS sent your refund "to TurboTax."   How is TurboTax involved in your refund--did you choose to pay TurboTax product fees (if any) out of your Federal refund, or did you choose to have your refund deposited to a Turbo Prepaid Visa Card?  (or possibly both?)


If you used a paid edition, did you choose to pay any TurboTax fees out of your Federal refund?  If so, the IRS sends your funds first to a temporary account at an intermediary bank, where the fees are subtracted.  Then that intermediary bank sends the rest of your funds to your bank account (or card) in a second direct deposit.   If that second direct deposit fails for any reason, your bank or card would send it back to the intermediary bank, who would then issue you a check in the mail.


  If you used that method to pay fees, we can tell you how to log in to your temporary account at the intermediary company (SBTPG) to check on your Federal refund.    If you did not use that method to pay any fees, then this paragraph doesn't apply to you.