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After you file

I filed with TT on 2/8/20 and my federal was immediately accepted, state took 2 days but was accepted as well. I have EIC AND ACTC. I have been checking it and of course I got the error message and read that the IRS would send me a confirmation email that they had received it. So I did more research everyday since then and saw that someone said that you had to enter your federal amount without state added in. I did that and got the same message so I checked with my state (Alabama) and saw that they had received my return, yet and still I had no conf. Email from anyone but TT, today I checked the IRS app and they have acknowledged that they have received my return, currently waiting on my other bars who I'm pretty sure won't pop up until the end of the month. Not sure if this will help anyone but I found answers and little things I could do to check in groups like this😁