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I don't, unless its going by issues with our act. That's what I was saying. When I had that offset my code changed, and I  had to wait extra days to get my refund issued. Weirdly, it did change back to 0505 this year.  That as of date is when they have to go back into our account and work on it. I bet u, Sat-Sun. Alot of us will know if we have an further issues on our acct. If not, it's gonna say ddd's for the 20th-27th. Then Lord please hopefully if we dnt get a depst date, we will be those waiting to that March 3 and on date. Which would be a total change from my normal ddd. Always the 21st latest 27th with offset that time. You have bars?? I dnt, but still all good codes csn view transcripts too.. I'm done with that wmr website its never updated for me right or ontime every year.