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After you file

To prepare/print/edit Form M1PR:
  1. Sign inContinue your/take me to my return or pick up where I left off 

    : If you already filed, you won't see the above. Instead -  Go to Tax Timeline, then Add a state under Some things you can do (this allows you to make edits/changes).
  2. Go State Taxes, Your State Returns - continue/edit/revisit Minnesota
  3. Get to the Let's Check for Minnesota Nontaxable Income screen. Select Yes, I want to see if I qualify for these tax benefits.
  4. Click continue/done/no many times until the Other Forms You May Need screen (near the end). Confirm Property Tax Refund (Form M1PR) box is checked, then continue.
  5. Fill out the form. If you have a refund, you'll be asked for direct deposit and state contribution info. Continue to Print Form M1PR. Mail it to the address provided on the screen. (click image below for reference)

You can check on the status of your Property Tax Refund after July 1 by using Minnesota's Where’s My Refund system. Go to or call 651-296-4444 or 1-800-657-3676.