Level 15

After you file

If you had to reinstall the 2018 program then the states will also need to be reinstalled ( unless you need space you should always leave the prior year programs installed for at least 3 years) so after it is re installed you need to start a fake return so you can get to install the state programming.  If needed you will need to get the downloads from your account :  


Find your TurboTax for Windows software download

We recommend downloading your TurboTax for Windows software to your Desktop or Downloads folder so you can find it easily.

You can also search your system for the file:

  • TurboTax Basic through Business: Search for w_turbotax
  • TurboTax State: Search for w_state(replace state with the actual state name, e.g. w_ohiow_new_york, etc.)

Still can't find it? Then download it again and save it to where you know you can find it – your desktop is a good place.

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