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FEEDBACK: Enable toggle option to instead Highlight "TOTAL TAX" not "REFUND" amount - facilitating WHAT IF ANALYSIS

It would be helpful to enable a toggle option to highlight in the boxes top left TOTAL TAX (for the year) rather than REFUND/DUE amount, and include a GRAND TOTAL (of Federal plus one or multiple states).  This would help those of us doing WHAT IF ANALYSIS - e.g. what if I did a Roth Conversion, or what if I accelerated donations, what if I contributed to an HSA.  Currently, this requires entering the change and then tediously searching through the Federal and State forms for the actual tax due amount, entering that in a worksheet, then doing the same for the other scenario.  It was also be great to enable this as a feature (i.e. lock results of Scenario A, then run and lock Scenario B and show the difference).


For those of us who make estimated payments all year (self employed, retired, etc) rather than having withholding from an employer paycheck, the total tax paid may be more top of mind than what may be refunded/due in April (which is just a result of how much we over/under paid during the year).