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After you file

If you have already e-filed your return and it's still pending, then you will need to wait until its either "accepted" or "rejected".

If the return is rejected (returns were not received by the IRS), then you can simply go back into the return and correct the income from self-employment to retirement. Therefore, you will be able resubmit & e-file your return again, like if you were doing it for the first time. 

However, if accepted (the returns were received by the IRS), then you will need to Amend your return.

During the amendment process, you may need to include this as income (Cancellation of Debt, Form 1099-C), because it is generally considered taxable, unless you meet one of the circumstances for your income to be excluded:

  • Cancellation of qualified principal residence indebtedness, aka mortgage debt relief;
  • Debt cancelled in a Title 11 bankruptcy;
  • Debt cancelled during insolvency (the amount exceeding your assets);
  • Cancellation of qualified farm or real property indebtedness.

If you do meet one of the circumstances, then you will need to file a Form 982, along with your Amended tax return. Please see this link for more information:

If you don't meet any one of the circumstances, then you will need to include this cancellation of debt as taxable income.