Re: 2017 federal tax return was in error I had to ...
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After you file

TurboTax is not going to pay the tax that you would have paid anyway absent any error.   The most that would be paid is any late charge an interest, but only is it was a TurboTax calculation error (not likely) and not your data entry error.


If an entry was missing then you probably entered the data incorrectly.


Line 10 on a 2017 1040 was for taxable refunds of state tax but only if you itemized in 2016 - that is an amount that you must enter - TurboTax does not enter it for you.  That should come from a 1099-G sent to you by the  state.   ($4K in additional would require an extremely large refund that was previously deducted in 2016. that does not sound right,)

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