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After you file

I filed my sons taxes .  He started working , so he needed to file .  I used turbo tax online for his and they excepted them .  With he taking himself as a deduction .  A while later i filed my taxes electronically, using the program on my  computer .  When the program auto filled it put my son as a dependent .  When I sent the taxes , the IRS did not except them because of him being a dependent .  So I went into the program and it said that, that was the problem . So I took him off as a dependent & resent them electronically .  The IRS excepted them and issued me a refund .  My son is applying for financial aid at collage .  The collage sent for a tax transcript of the taxes.  Well the IRS sent them the transcript of my taxes h

with my son as a dependent .  How do I get them to fix that , because if I go back into the program .  It shows him as not being a dependent .