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After you file

Hi....Thanks for the quick reply.    I should say this is a 2018 return that hasn't been filed yet ... so, I'm still creating it, and will file by Oct 15.    The problem is, and has always been ... when you are answering the interview questions, you might misunderstand the options, and answer incorrectly, which produces an incorrect form.   Sometimes you can make corrections to that form later ... depends on the form.

I need to go back and delete two assets from a 4562 form. (wrong choice for asset depreciation)   ... turns out that once you complete the interview on that subject, there is no way to go back and remove those assets from the form... so, that leaves only the option to go back and enter, or re-start the interview process for that subject.     Going back to the interview process for a specific category is a Turbo Tax Black Art ..  


Are you one of the very few that have that knowledge?  Regards, Michael