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After you file

@ Wacannon 

You asked this same question a month ago but never returned with the followup information that was requested at the time.   At that time you were in Deluxe Edition. 


Now you currently appear to be using Online Premier, which is way higher than PLUS.  At least Premier is what is displayed underneath your question above.   Premier is 79.99 for Federal and 44.99 for State, while PLUS is 19.99.    Did you try to upgrade and upgraded too far, or do you need Premier for the situations in your 2018 return?    Please answer all questions below:


  • What is the story on  your 2018 return?   Has it already been filed, or is it still in preparation?
  • How did you end up in Premier?  Is that what you used to prepare and file your 2018 return, or did you try to upgrade from Free Edition to PLUS and upgraded too far?  
  • Are the 2017 and 2018 returns in the SAME account?

If you are in Premier and try to pay now, it will charge you 79.99 for Federal and possibly 44.99 for a state return.   We can tell you what to do when you answer the above.   Here are the two options:


If you haven't paid for and filed the 2018 return yet, you can either pay for Premier (79.99) if that's what you plan to use for 2018, or if you don't need Premier, you can downgrade to Free Edition, then upgrade to PLUS for 19.99.  I can tell you all the steps.


However, if you have already paid for or filed the 2018 return and have upgraded too far after filing, then you can't downgrade it yourself.  You'll need to phone TurboTax Support, tell them you accidentally upgraded too far, and ask them to unlock the prior return.  I can tell you how to reach them if that's the case.


There's also a free option if a return transcript will suit your purpose.   You may be able to immediately download one at the IRS website if you qualify to open an IRS account there.  Otherwise, to order a transcript to come by postal mail takes 5-10 calendar days.