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After you file

@ ronleanna wrote:

I have opened my Turbo Tax and it does not contain my return.  I need a copy.  What is the best way to find it?

Please explain what that means.  First of all, are you referring to a 2018 return?  What product are you using for 2018--Online TurboTax or the desktop software (CD/download)?    Have you already finished and filed your 2018 return?


If you used Online TurboTax, here's how to get the PDF.  Log in and go to the section "Your Tax Returns & Documents".  Expand that section, if necessary, and choose tax year 2018.   Are you not able to find a link to  "download/print the PDF?"


If you used Online TurboTax, but see no evidence of your 2018 online return in that account, we can tell you how to look for multiple accounts.


Or if you are using desktop software (CD/download), are you saying you cannot locate the *.tax2018 data file?