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After you file

Thanks for the clarification @Critter.  I understood the way the 1040X functions.  The insight you have provided me is that "1040 that is included in the PDF is what the return SHOULD have looked like if you filed it correctly to begin with," rather than new 1040 reflecting the tax payment made when the original 1040 was filed. 


It sure would have save me some time if Intuit had either not had the program generate the new 1040, or had explained in the One-Step mode what the new 1040 would represent.


In fact, I found no instructions on how to proceed after I selected "Amend a return." Another oversight was the One-Step mode didn't even provide instructions on how to launch the return amendment process; I had to go to the Intuit website to learn that.  As I remember, earlier TTax versions gave an "Amend a Return" choice before loading the file. 


I hope someone at Intuit reads these posts for suggests for improvement of subsequent years of TTax.