Level 20
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After you file

Sorry you are confused ... the 1040X IS the correct return and the new 1040 that is included in the PDF is what the return SHOULD have looked like if you filed it correctly to begin with ... it will NEVER be the same as the amended return and that is how it should be.



Look at the form 1040X …

Column A should have the figures from the original return, Column C the corrected figures and Column B the differences between the other 2 which needs an explanation on page 2 of the form 1040X.


If you completed it correctly you will see an entry on either line 16 OR 18:

On line 16 should be the amount you paid with your original return. 

On line 18 should be the amount of your original refund you received.


Then you will see your extra refund on line 22 OR  the new balance due you need to pay on line 20.