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After you file

Question:   How can one get the amended 1040 and the 1040X forms to agree on the amount due or overpaid (and the corresponding California 540 and Sch. A forms)?  Even though I realize that the amended 1040 need not be submitted to the IRS, I would like it to be correct for my records (that I keep as soft copies).


Background:  To amend my 2017 federal and California returns, I followed instructions:  Load original 2017 TTax file, in One-Step mode select Federal Taxes > Other Tax Situations > Other Tax Forms > "Amend a return."  This generated 1040X and Calif. Schedule X forms, while retaining all previous forms.


On Form 1040X, below Line 15 there is a Smart Worksheet, and on its Line B one may entire “Tax Paid with original return,” which I did. 


The reason for needing to amend the original 1040 was an overlooked 1099-R, so in forms mode I added another 1099-R and populated its lines.  I also updated Schedule A with additional deductions.  The new 1099-R and revised Schedule A data was reflected in both the amended 1040 and 1040X forms.  However, the amount of tax I paid with original return was did not appear anywhere on the 1040.  This led to a discrepancy between the amended 1040 and 1040X calculations of how much tax was owed or overpaid, with 1040X being correct.   


Somewhere in TTax instructions or in the answer to a question on an Intuit webpage, I saw the instruction to add the amount of tax paid with filing to the Tax Payments Worksheet on Line 5.  When I tried that, the amended 1040 became the correct form because the 1040X counted the tax paid with filing twice.  The same issue obtained in the Calif. Amended 540 and Schedule X forms.