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After you file

I also sent out the IS form early march and after sitting on hold and hanging up multiple times I just gave up once I posted on here and seen that people were being told they were backed up and to wait 30 days etc but have yet to receive anything in the mail about my return so I tirelessly searched and found a different number with an extension and called just after 7am today and the wait time was only 2-4 minutes thank God but she said they had no record of our IS form and to send it to the Fresno office even though the instructions say to send it to your local office but she said that there is no processing office in Ohio so idk what happened but we've been waiting since march for absolutely nothing smh
I found the number on a different site because they keep deleting them on here when you post one that's not the main one but hopefully it gets by and everyone can get through as quickly as I did.. She said that theres four call centers with 400 people taking calls all day but that as soon as California comes online at 9am its Basically impossible to get through anything short of an hour so call early lol all of their numbers start out the same way but this one ends with OhFive8Too and when it says if you were given an x tension enter ()Siiixxx5Tooooo() lemme know if that works and if it's still somehow deleteedddd give me your email and I'll hook you up lol
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