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After you file

@Alancar1225 wrote:
And it shows it was accepted.

OK, good.  That's one of the questions I asked.  Did you read the rest of the info I left you above?   If not, here it is again:


What do you see at the IRS website below for the status of your Federal refund?
NOTE: When entering your refund amount, use only the Federal refund amount and not any total refund amount that includes a state refund. The figure is shown on your 2018 Federal Form 1040, Line 20a.

If that IRS tool shows that the refund has been sent, but you never received it, report back for more info.

If the IRS tool says it is still "being processed",  we can tell you how to speak to a live agent at the IRS to see if they can tell you anything about the delay, and how to contact the IRS Taxpayer Advocate Service if necessary.