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After you file

This is what I had to do. I filed my at the end of Feb. I called 30 days after filing they said noone had touched it yet and they put a "note" called 30 days later and noone still had touched it so they sent a "memo". Finally 30 days later I called again and it was being processed. A week later I got a letter stating that I would receive my check aslong as there were no other offsets. On my fourth week now and nothing. I have called 2xs last week to figure out if my check was comming and the IRS agent just told me it is still being processed. 2nd time I called the IRS agent said it was still being processed that they would send me to the Injured Spouse Claim dept. They transferred my call and although I had already waited 40 minutes on the phone to talk to an IRS agent I waited 20 more after being transferred then I hung up due to lack of patience waiting on the phone for that long... Lol. Crossing my fingers hoping that I get it this week even though the week is almost over with.