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After you file

Just an update on my earlier post two above.. "Now over 16 weeks later, return still has not been processed by IRS..."


I requested my member of Congress to inquire as to the status of the unprocessed return.  They submitted the inquiry to the IRS Taxpayer Advocate Service (TAS) to handle.  Nearly 4 weeks later, still nothing.  I called the Congressman's office again for them to follow-up.  Pretty much immediately after that, the return was processed! 


My account record indicates that the return was adjusted on July 3 and refund issued (check received July 5), and the adjustment notice is scheduled to be sent on July 15 (exactly 6 months from when they acknowledge receiving the amended return).  The return itself was never lost and did not need to be resubmitted (which surely would have messed things up!), IRS simply was ignoring it.  IRS customer service operators really were wrong by advising that I simply re-file the return - don't do it until there confirmation it is lost and unrecoverable (highly unlikely).  There also was a hefty interest payment that IRS had to include with the tax refund; literally, every day they delayed processing the amended return was actually costing them at the high interest rates which they normally charge delinquent taxpayers!


As far as the refund itself, it is off by $1 from what was requested on the Form 1040-X.  Reviewing the account transcript, I know exactly where the discrepancy comes from, and it is not in the tax calculation like you would think, but rather a rounding error (or mis-key) on one of the refundable tax credit forms!  I might indulge myself to dispute the refund amount on the adjustment notice when I get it (just for thrills), as the error is a simple $0.50 that is supposed to round up and not down!