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I'm searching for 'proof' that my refund was deposited into my account. Can't seem to find it from 2017. What name should I be searching for?

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After you file

did you check to make sure your return was actually filed? you can go to IRS website and get transcript of 2017 or use view your account.
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After you file

My federal refund from the IRS showed up in my checking account as

ACH-A-xxxxxx IRS TREAS 310 (TAX REF)


My federal refund deposit says..... ACH-A-xxxxxx  IRS TREAS 310  (TAX REF)

My California deposit says... ACH-xxxxxxx FRANCHISE TAX BD (CASTTAXRFD)


If you were having the fees deducted from your refund it would show something else.  Maybe like 



Was your return Accepted?  When you log into your account you should see the status and if it was Accepted or Rejected, Started, Printed, Ready to Mail, etc.  what does it say?


if you can't find it call  the IRS at 1-800-829-1040.