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After you file

I filed my 2015-2016 tax returns late in September 2017. I  accidentally switched my daughters social security numbers on both returns so I had to ammend both. One of my children at this time was an adult and the other a child which I claimed as a dependant
 I filed my first amendment in December of 2017 after receiving a letter that the IRS removed my EIC and child tax credit and they sent me a huge bill instead of a refund. 1st time I ammended was incorrect.
Sent a second ammended return (1040X) in Febuary 2018. At this time my 2015 tax returns said adjusted on the IRS website but 2016... said nothing. I called the IRS multiple times and was told to wait 16 weeks. At the end of March 2018 I finally spoke with an IRS representative. My 2015 taxes although saying complete were never adjusted at all. I was irate! My 2016 still in the process of being adjusted.
 I decided to schedule an appointment with a local IRS representative to make sure my 1040X was filled out correctly and was told to send in a 3rd 1040X  instead of waiting the entire 16 weeks.
April 2018 I mailed my 3rd ammended return for both 2015 & 2016 returns. A few days later my 2016 updated on website as complete. My 2016 return was adjusted correctly but applied to my 2015 return which was never adjusted at all.
It is now 5/16/2018. Two weeks ago I called the IRS and while on the phone the lady manually adjusted my 2015 return. I was told wait 4-6 weeks to get my 2015/2016 refunds. I also filed my 2017 return electronically. Still waiting no refunds yet!
9/2017 Filed 2015/2016 taxes.(Late)
12/2018 First 1040X sent (due to my error)
2/2018 2nd 1040X sent (IRS error)
4/2018 3rd 1040X sent (IRS error again)
5/16/2018 adjusted 9 months after filing. As of today... IRS "Wheres my ammended return" website still has not updated and today 7 months after ammending the first time I am still waiting for my refunds for 2015,2016 & now 2017.
7 months?? Longest wait for a ammended return? Possibly. I'm no longer anticipating getting my refunds from the IRS but will be patiently waiting to see if I find them in my mailbox someday! Good luck to the rest of you.