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After you file

Mine was received 5/1/2017, adjusted on 6/16/2017 and I Received my refund check today!!! Tuesday, 6/20/2017!!!! Good luck to everyone else!!!! I posted because I have been trying to figure out when I would receive it. I called the IRS yesterday and they told me my check was mailed the same day it was adjusted, which was a Friday, so I am not sure that being a Friday had anything to do with it. I know some people say the IRS sends out checks every Friday, but either way I Received my refund today, Tuesday. Call the IRS and select options where you are forced to speak with a live person. The woman I spoke with was extremely nice and I was only on hold for less than 5 mins. If you selected the option "Are you calling about the status on an amended return?" It will automatically transfer to their hotline and you will not get to a live representative. I selected the option having questions about a tax payment or whatever to get to a live person, so I could confirm the date my check was mailed out. She told me the 16th, but told me to wait 2 weeks (called 6/19/2017), but the next day (6/20/2017) I received it.