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After you file

I filed for the electric return Feb 13th an also claimed eic ..  and after 4 days I got the generic message on WMR site that said please contact IRS .. I called the IRS an she told me that a letter would be mailed to me an she read what the letter said so I already knew that it was for identity verification . As I also had to do the identity verification last year .. They said Most likely I would receive the letter on my original expecting deposit date an that was supposed to be the 20th March . On March 16th I got the Paper it was a 5071C identity verification . They posted on the paper that they sent it to me on March 13th .. I had to wait to verify my identity until that Monday 3/18 with success of verifing .. I checked WMR web page everyday between 12am an 6am .. an on March 23rd at 3:30am I checked the site again and my bars was back with an expected DDD ( Direct Deposit Date ) of March 27th an no later then April 1st .. So glad I didn't have to wait the whole 9 weeks they was talking . Last year I had alot of issues verifing when I filed in Feb an I didn't get a check until August 17th .. They had to send me a paper check .. Hope everyone gets there money asap . Just wanted to let everyone know my story in hopes it helps . Ik reading your all's story's definitely helped get me through . God Bless ...