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After you file

Ok. So I filed on January 25 2019 and of course the IRS accepted it on the 29th. So I waited the 24 hours and it said received. A few days later I got the message"we cannot provide any info with alTax topic 152

 So when I called I was told I was told to  use extension 362. So when I finally got on the line with a human, she made me answer some questions trying to verify my identity. However I didn't pass. She then told me I should wait the full 21 days before calling back. 

So after the 21 days I called back. They asked me if I received a letter I hadn't received it.  However , she told me that I would have to go into one of the offices to do an Identity Verification . So my appt. Was on Monday March 4, 2019. I went and verified my identity.  She said allow up ro 9 weeks. However today I have my orange bars back and a refund date of March, 13 2019.