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We filed with TurboTax 2018 and owed $3,404. Several weeks later, we received a refund of $3,981. What is going on?

There was no information with the check, simply a real refund check.  We are a little leery of cashing it.  What do you suggest we do since we used your product and you calculated our taxes owed at 3,404, which we paid?

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After you file

Did you enter any 1099R?  If 1040 line 4a is a lot less than 4b (which should be ok) the IRS has been lowering the taxable amount on 4b and refunding you.  But then they will eventually want it back.

Did you make estimated payments and forget to enter them?
If you made estimated payments see if they are on line 17.  Sometimes they end up line 16 with witholding.  If that is the case the IRS will eventually see line 16 is wrong and ask for it back.
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After you file

in 2 to 3 weeks you should receive a notice explaining the change.  you can call IRS 800-829-1040 select language then 2 then follow prompts to talk to a human.  

but be prepared to be put on hold that may last for hours.  .