Yes you can still file your return. You may have f...
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After you file

Yes you can still file your return. You may have finalized the return which makes things appear as if the return is gone. This happens sometimes when you get to the end of the return but decide to save and file later.


If you have not efiled or mailed your return to the IRS, please see the instructions below for opening your return for editing:

  • Sign in to your TurboTax Online account.
  • From the "Welcome home" box on the left, Click on "Visit My Tax Timeline" below the "Download/print" return button.
  • Under SOME THINGS YOU CAN DO click on Add a state. (You are not adding a state to your return.  By choosing this option it will allow us to open up your return.)

  • You should now see the Tax Timeline, select any heading to begin editing. 
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