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Will IRS use 2017 DD Information for Stimulus?

I apologize if asked already.. I have searched and cannot find anything other than 2019 & 2018.

I have filed my taxes every year since... as long as I can remember lol.

However, 2019 & 2018 I owed the Feds, so paid them online.. they make it so easy!

I have not received a Federal Refund since I filed in 2017, and every other year previous. I received those via DD, same account I still have.. are they smart enough to use my 2017 information or will I be getting  a paper check?

If it helps, I have always received DD's from both Federal and State every year up until 2018 when I owed the Feds.... State I still have received Refunds via DD, I already received my State Refund DD.

I know it's a toughie, but can the IRS remember back to 2017? Would they just use that account, not sure if it's still on file.. as I had to pay them ($15 in 2018 and $55 2019), so as mentioned just trying to figure it out... I've logged into my IRS account recently, absolutely no way to update your DD. But they do still have my years files on record, even 2017... which has my DD information.

The only reason I believe they would not use it is if they think it has changed, but it has not... Any takers on this one? heh.. and thank you in advance and apologies if someone has already asked. You would think that the Feds/States may work together, or help one another but nope.. I literally paid the Feds $55 this year and received my State refund for $60 a few weeks later.. If I had the option of "Paying Feds w/ State Refund" I would have just selected that, even let them keep the $5.. unfortunately not an option!