Re: Turbotax 2018 Deluxe crashes constantly
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I just installed TurboTax on my Windows 10 laptop, and it keeps crashing. I can't even get past the first screen entering name, email etc. Even when I try to drag the window around, it'd crash immediately. 


I have more than 10 large third-party apps running fine on this laptop. TurboTax is the only one that keeps crashing.


I've tried bunch of things multiple times (uninstalling/installing the program, rebooting the machine, manually installing the latest update, installing onto HDD instead of SSD etc.), to no avail.


Then miraculously I found the program seems to run fine under Windows 8 Settings. (Right-click the TurboTax icon on the desktop, select the "Troubleshoot compatibility" option, then select "Try compatibility settings for the program", then "Test the program" under Windows 8 settings). At least now I can get past the first screen. Dragging the window around / maximizing the window won't crash it any more.  Of course, then you'll need to save this setting so next time the system knows the program should run under Windows 8 settings.


I will see if more problems would come up under Windows 8 settings. 

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